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Although time spent watching TV among children and teens has declined, television remains the primary source of exposure to food advertising. Food companies continue to devote approximately 85% of their advertising budgets to TV, totaling $11 billion annually. Food companies also engage in targeted marketing to children and teens through product placements during TV programming.

The downward trend in TV viewing among youth has been accompanied by an increase in the time they spend online, especially on social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube) via mobile devices. Food companies have responded to this trend by pioneering marketing to young people with ads placed on social media; company-generated posts shared virally through followers’ social networks; branded games and ordering apps for smartphones; and paid promotions from bloggers, influencers, and brand ambassadors. Now, food and beverage brands reach children and teens anytime, anywhere with marketing that is often disguised as entertainment.

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food marketing, food advertising, targeted marketing

food marketing, food advertising, targeted marketing