Targeted Marketing

Black and Hispanic youth are exposed to more food advertising and other forms of food marketing in the media and their communities compared to White youth. Furthermore, companies target Black and Hispanic youth with food advertisements for their least healthy drinks and food, including candy, fast food, sugary drinks and snacks. This marketing contributes to health disparities affecting youth in communities of color.

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Increasing Disparities in Unhealthy Food Advertising Targeted to Black and Hispanic Youth:

Rudd Summary: Food Advertising Targeted to Black Youth:

Rudd Summary: Food Advertising Targeted to Hispanic Youth:

Examples of Marketing Campaigns Targeted to Black and Hispanic Youth:

Food Marketing Video Series: Food Marketing to Teens:

Youth-Led Advocacy Campaigns

The Open Truth campaign, led by San Francisco Bay Area youth, shows teens how sugary drinks are making them sick; how Big Soda targets those most at risk; and how teens can raise their voice for change.

The Youth Food Educators (YOFE) program of the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute trains youth to take a stand against predatory and unhealthy marketing by training them to develop campaigns and deliver messages to their peers and community about unhealthy, predatory marketing.

Grow Hartford supports youth food justice leaders in Hartford, CT and beyond. Their work focuses on the systemic causes of the issues high school students face each day. They use food as the anchor point to teach and advocate against social injustices.

Want to learn how you can make a difference? Check out ChangeLab Solutions’ Pathways to Policy Playbook: a step-by-step guide for young people who want to change the world.

Teens in Howard County, Maryland step up and take a stand for better healthy drink choices in their #BevRev social media campaign on YouTube

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