Weight-biased attitudes about pediatric patients with obesity in Dutch healthcare professionals from seven different professions

Little is known about the prevalence of negative weight-biased attitudes among Dutch healthcare professionals (HCPs) when treating children and adolescents with obesity and whether interdisciplinary differences are present. Accordingly, we asked 555 Dutch HCPs that treat pediatric patients with obesity to complete a validated 22-item self-report questionnaire about their weight-biased attitudes. HCPs from all disciplines reported to experience negative weight-biased attitudes among themselves. Participants from all groups perceived weight bias expressed by their colleagues, toward children with obesity.

Full citation: van der Voorn, B., Camfferman, R., Seidell, J.C., Puhl, R.M., & Halberstadt, J. (2023) Weight-biased Attitudes about pediatric patients with obesity in Dutch health care professionals from seven different professions. Journal of Child Health Care. https://doi.org/10.1177/13674935221133953