Exploring Infant Caregivers’ Provision of Modified Formulas: Potential Demographic Differences and Reasons for Provisions

This cross-sectional online survey of US caregivers of infants (6–11 months) who provided formula in the past month (N = 436) examined the proportion of infant caregivers who reported serving modified formula, demographic differences, and reasons for providing them. Approximately one-half (47%) of participants reported serving modified formula most often; sensitive and organic/non-GMO were the most common types provided. Agreement with reasons for providing was highest for “pediatricians recommend” and “benefits my child”.

Full citation: Gershman, H., Romo-Palafox, M. J., Rajeh, T., Fleming-Milici, F., & Harris, J. L. Exploring infant caregivers’ provision of modified formulas: Potential demographic differences and reasons for provisions. Frontiers in Nutrition, 955. https://doi.org/10.3389/fnut.2022.867932