U.S. Households’ Children’s Drink Purchases: 2006−2017 Trends and Associations With Marketing

Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute a large proportion of added sugar in young children’s diets; yet, companies market sugar-sweetened children’s drinks extensively to children and parents. This study examines the changes in children’s drink purchases by U.S. households with young children and the associations with marketing practices.

Full citation: Yoon Y. Choi, Tatiana Andreyeva, Frances Fleming-Milici, Jennifer L. Harris. U.S. Households’ Children’s Drink Purchases: 2006–2017: Trends and Associations With Marketing, American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2021: ISSN 0749-3797. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.amepre.2021.06.013