Abiodun Atoloye

Postdoctoral Fellow

Abiodun Atoloye is a public health researcher with interest in healthy and equitable communities. Her research uses a combination of knowledge and tools from health promotion, geography, and sociology to examine programs and policies designed to address public health issue among vulnerable population (low resource, children and women). Before joining the Rudd Center, Dr. Atoloye’s research focused on projects involving population-based programs like food assistance program (farmers’ markets and its’ incentive programs), nutrition education programs directed at the low-resource population (refugee community and low-income), adolescent health issues, food insecurity and childhood malnutrition.

Abiodun received her Ph.D. from Utah State University. As a postdoctoral research associate at the Rudd Center, Abiodun will be working with Drs Schwartz and Cooksey-Stowers. Her projects will include the adaptation of environmental nudges to improve healthier food choices among participants of charitable food assistance programs, evaluation of healthy eating and wellness policies in school settings, and assessment of healthy food access and the development of food access measures in disadvantaged neighborhoods and childcare settings.

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