Recent Publications

Pearl R, Himmelstein M, Puhl R, Wadden T, Wojtanowski A, Foster G.   Weight Bias Internalization in a Commercial Weight Management Sample: Prevalence and Correlates.   Obesity Science and Practice.   2019   July   1-12

Puhl R, Himmelstein M, Watson R.   Weight-Based Victimization Among Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents: Implications for Substance Use and Mental Health.   Health Psychology.   2019   June   1-11

Panza G, Puhl R, Taylor B, Zaleski A, Livingston J, Pescatello L.   Links between discrimination and cardiovascular health among stigmatized groups: A systematic review.   PLOS ONE.   2019   June   1-27

Himmelstein M, Puhl R, Watson R.   Weight-based victimization, eating behaviors, and weight-related health in Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents.   Appetite.   2019   June   1-8

Pudney E, Himmelstein M, Puhl R.   The Role of Weight Stigma in Parental Weight Talk.   Pediatric Obesity.   2019   May   1-11

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