Recent Publications

McKee S, Cooksey-Stowers K, St. Louis R, Schwartz M.   Understanding the process of implementing nutrition and physical activity policies in a large national child care organization: a mixed-methods study.   Translational Behavioral Medicine.   2019   April   1-11

Harris J, Frazier W, Fleming-Milici F, Hubert P, Rodriguez-Arauz G, Grier S, Appiah O.   A qualitative assessment of US Black and Latino adolescents' attitudes about targeted marketing of unhealthy food and beverages.   Journal of Children and Media.   2019   April   1-22

Stein E, Cooksey-Stowers K, McCabe M, White M, Schwartz M.   Ingredient bundles and recipe tastings in food pantries: a pilot study to increase the selection of healthy foods.   Public Health Nutrition.   2019   March   1-6

Boehm R, Ver Ploeg M, Wilde P, Cash S.   Greenhouse gas emissions, total food spending and diet quality by share of household food spending on red meat: results from a nationally representative sample of US households.   Public Health Nutrition.   2019   March   1-13

Puhl R, Himmelstein M, Watson J.   Weight-based victimization among sexual and gender minority adolescents: Findings from a diverse national sample.   Pediatric Obesity.   2019   February   1-11

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