Recent Publications

Schwartz M, Henderson K, Read M, Cornelius T.   Student Acceptance of Plain Milk Increases Significantly 2 Years after Flavored Milk Is Removed from School Cafeterias: An Observational Study.   Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.   2017   July   1-8

Himmelstein M, Puhl R, Quinn D.   Intersectionality: An Understudied Framework for Addressing Weight Stigma.   American Journal of Preventive Medicine.   2017   June   1-11

Puhl R, Wall M, Chen C, Austin SB, Eisenberg M, Neumark-Sztainer D.   Experiences of weight teasing in adolescence and weight-related outcomes in adulthood: A 15-year longitudinal study.   Preventive Medicine.   2017   May   100:173-179

Dalton M, Longacre M, Drake K, Cleveland L, Harris J, Hendricks K, Titus L.   Child-targeted fast-food television advertising exposure is linked with fast-food intake among pre-school children.   Public Health Nutrition.   2017   April   1-9

Boyland E, Harris J.   Regulation of food marketing to children: are statutory or industry self-governed systems effective?.   Public Health Nutrition.   2017   April   5:761-764

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