Recent Publications

Andreyeva T, Henderson E.   Center-Reported Adherence to Nutrition Standards of the Child and Adult Care Food Program.   Childhood Obesity.   2018   September   421-428

Calancie L, Cooksey-Stowers K, Palmer A, Frost N, Calhoun H, Piner A, Webb K.   Toward a community impact assessment for food policy councils: Identifying potential impact domains.   Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.   2018   September   1-14

Himmelstein M, Puhl R.   Weight-based victimization from friends and family: implications for how adolescents cope with weight stigma.   Pediatric Obesity.   2018   September   1-11

Cooksey-Stowers K, Read M, Wolff M, Martin K, McCabe M, Schwartz M.   Food Pantry Staff Attitudes about Using a Nutrition Rating System to Guide Client Choice.   Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition.   2018   September   1-16

Cooksey-Stowers K, Martin K, Schwartz M.   Client Preferences for Nutrition Interventions in Food Pantries.   Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition.   2018   September   1-18

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