Recent Publications

Andreyeva T, Henderson E..   Center-Reported Adherence to Nutrition Standards of the Child and Adult Care Food Program.   Childhood Obesity.   2018   September   421-428

Foster J, Schwartz M, Grenier R, Burke M, Taylor E, Mobley A..   A qualitative investigation into the U.S. Department of Agriculture 18-item Household Food Security Survey Module: Variations in interpretation, understanding and report by gender.   Journal of Public Affairs.   2018   August  

Puhl R, Himmelstein M.   A Word to the Wise: Adolescent Reactions to Parental Communication about Weight.   Childhood Obesity.   2018   July  

Boehm R, Wilde P, Ver Ploeg M, Costello C, Cash S.   A Comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from U.S. Household Food Choices.   Food Policy.   2018   June   1-10

Foster J, Adamsons K, Vollmer R, Mobley A.   A pilot study of low-income mothers and fathers of preschool age children to determine the relationship of food security and nutrition assistance on feeding style and child body weight.   Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition.   2018   June  

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