January 2018 Newsletter

Rudd Center in the News

The Washington Post ran a hard-hitting article Jan. 17 that quoted Rudd Center Director of Marketing Initiatives Jennifer Harris: A popular school fundraiser is just "junk-food marketing to kids," experts say. The article appeared in more than 70 media outlets around the country, for a potential reach of more than 75 million readers!

A Jan. 6 BuzzFeed News article highlighted comments from Dr. Harris and her recent research showing that children still see too many TV ads for unhealthy foods despite industry pledges to promote healthy choices: These Food Products Are Considered "Healthier" For Kids By the Food Industry.

Comments from Rudd Center Director Marlene Schwartz were featured in a Civil Eats article Jan. 11 on growing momentum for sugary drink taxes: Is a Federal Junk Food Tax in Our Future?

Today's Dietitian magazine quoted Rudd Center Deputy Director Rebecca Puhl on her weight bias research in a Jan. 12 article: The Health Impact of Weight Stigma.

Eating Well magazine also featured comments from Dr. Puhl in an article entitled: Hit Refresh: Love Your Body.

Healthline, with a potential reach of about 17 million, published an article Jan. 18 that cited Rudd Center Postdoctoral Fellow Kristen Cooksey Stowers' recent study on food swamps: How to Combat 'Food Deserts' and 'Food Swamps'

The study on food swamps also was featured in a New Hope Network article Jan. 5: Food swamps could be more harmful than food deserts.

What's Simmering With Our Friends

Healthy Food Policy Project Webinar Series

Webinar 1: Advancing Equity through Food Policy: A Case Study of Prince George’s County, Maryland

Wednesday, February 21, 2:00-3:00 pm EST

Description: Join the first webinar in a series to learn hear how Prince George’s County, MD is advancing equity through food policy. The Healthy Food Policy Project (HFPP) identifies and elevates local laws that seek to promote access to healthy food, and also contribute to strong local economies, an improved environment, and health equity, with a focus on socially disadvantaged and marginalized groups. HFPP’s new, online resource includes a curated, searchable database of local laws that promote access to healthy food, in-depth case studies that showcase healthy food policy initiatives around the country, and a crosswalk of local laws and policies organized by food system category. Register today as space is limited.

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