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In 2017, children (ages 2-11) viewed on average 10.0 food-related TV ads per day and teens (ages 12-17) averaged 9.4 ads per day. Time spent watching TV has declined from 2013 to 2017. However, food companies continue to devote 85% of their advertising budgets to TV, totaling $11 billion annually. Food companies also market to children and teens through product placements during TV programming.


Rudd Center Research

  • Trends in TV advertising: 2017 update reports food-related TV advertising viewed by children and teens from 2002 to 2017. Brief Report. May 2018.
  • Each FACTS Report includes a detailed section on television advertising spending and exposure for the category (including cereal, sugary drinks, fast food, and snacks).
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  • Where children and adolescents view food and beverage ads on TV reports exposure by channel and program. Rudd Report. March 2013.


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