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Food companies target children in supermarkets and other retail locations. They use licensed characters and cartoon brand characters on food packages to get children’s attention and place unhealthy products on lower shelves at children’s eye level. Freestanding and end-cap displays also appeal to children. The goal: to get kids to “pester” their parents to buy the products.


Rudd Center Research

  • Kraft Lunchables: Food marketing FACTS in focus. Rudd Report. April 2014. Just 5 of 42 Lunchables products met nutrition standards for foods that can be advertised to children; and healthier products were more likely to be placed on the top shelf in supermarkets, above children’s eye level.
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  • Harris, J.L., Schwartz, M.B., & Brownell, K.D. (2010). Marketing foods to children and adolescents: Licensed characters and other promotions on packaged foods in the supermarket. Public Health Nutrition, 13(3), 409-417.


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