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Read the Rudd Center's latest research on food marketing to children, teens, and their parents

Children's Drink FACTS 2019: Sales, Nutrition, and Marketing of Children's Drinks, Rudd Report. October 2019.

Harris J, Frazier W, Fleming-Milici F, Hubert P, Rodriguez-Arauz G, Grier S, Appiah O. A qualitative assessment of US Black and Latino adolescents' attitudes about targeted marketing of unhealthy food and beverages. Journal of Children and Media. April 2019.

Increasing Disparities in Unhealthy Food Advertising Targeted to Black and Hispanic Youth, Rudd Report. January 2019.

Fleming-Milici, F., Harris, J.L., & Liu, S. (2018). Race, Ethnicity, and Other Factors Predicting U.S. Parents Support for Policies to Reduce Food and Beverage Marketing to Children and Adolescents. Health Equity, 2:1, 288-295.

Parents’ report of fast-food purchases for their children: Have they improved? Rudd Report. September 2018.

Trends in Television Food Advertising to Young People: 2017 Update

New policy brief: Policy changes to reduce unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children in 2016 and 2017

FACTS 2017: Food industry self-regulation after 10 years: Progress and and opportunities to improve food advertising to children

Healthier Kids’ Meal Pledges: Are fast-food restaurants keeping their promises to offer healthier kids’ meals? Rudd Report. August 2017.