Faculty and Staff: Svetlana Kalnova, PhD

Svetlana Kalnova

Dr. Svetlana Kalnova is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut, CHIP. Currently she is conducting research at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. Svetlana received her Ph.D. in 2011 and her Master's degree in 2003 from the Department of Communication at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Kalnova received her Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Foreign Languages at Moscow State Linguistic University in 1998.
Dr. Kalnova’s research interests include preventing childhood obesity, studying the impact of marketing and advertising of low-nutrient and high-calorie food and beverages on children’s food preferences and behaviors, advertising in social media, early childhood advertising, advertising via mobile devices. Svetlana’s additional interests include symbolic imagery in advertising and their impact on consumer attitudes and behaviors.
Currently Dr. Kalnova is investigating the impact of TV food commercial viewing on preschoolers and young children’s attitudes; and conducting content analysis to understand communication of major energy drinks companies on Twitter.
Contact:  (860) 380-2991; svetlana.kalnova@uconn.edu