Faculty and Staff: Gloriana Rodríguez-Arauz, MA

Gloriana Rodríguez-Arauz

Gloriana Rodríguez-Arauz is a Graduate Assistant for the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, working with Marketing Initiatives Director Jennifer Harris and the food marketing team. Her contributions to the food marketing team involve exploring the influence of targeted marketing of unhealthy products on black and Latino youth, and examining the marketing and advertising of baby and toddler foods.
She earned her B.A. in Psychology in 2007 from the University of Costa Rica and her M.A. in 2010 from Central Connecticut State University. As a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Social Psychology division at the University of Connecticut, Gloriana’s dissertation project examines the influence of food parenting practices on weight gain in pre-school children.
Contact: (860) 380-1000; gloriana.rodriguez-arauz@uconn.edu