Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

To change the world’s diet requires a network of great minds and innovative leaders. The Rudd Center marshals the talent of a diverse group of global experts on obesity to improve the food environment and fight weight stigma. Our faculty and staff are anchored by shared values of objectivity, commitment to science, openness, trusting relationships among constituencies, innovation, and optimism that real change is possible. Click here to view our summer staff for 2019. 

Core Faculty and Staff

Marlene Schwartz

Marlene B. Schwartz, PhD
(860) 380-1211 

Rebecca Puhl

Rebecca M. Puhl, PhD
Deputy Director
(860) 380-1209 

Tatiana Andreyeva

Tatiana Andreyeva, PhD
Director of Economic Initiatives
(860) 380-1014 

Frances Fleming Milici

Director of Marketing Initiatives
(860) 380-1015 

Sally Mancini

Sally Mancini, MPH
Director of Advocacy Resources
(860) 380-1018 

Marlene Schwartz

Kristin Messina
Communications Manager
(860) 380-1282 

Abiodun Atoloye

Postdoctoral Fellow


Michelle Bates

Michelle Bates
Financial Assistant
(860) 380-1000 

Yoon Choi

Yoon Choi, PhD, MS
(860) 380-2985 

Jennifer Harris

Senior Research Advisor, Marketing Initiatives


Ahmad Kibwana

Research Assistant
(860) 380-1207

Abiodun Atoloye

Postdoctoral Fellow
Graduate Students


Sarah McKee

Graduate Assistant


Ellen Pudney

Graduate Assistant

Aditi Rao

Graduate Assistant