December 2019 Newsletter

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Recent Publications

Removing Competitive Foods v. Nudging and Marketing School Meals: A Pilot Study in High-School Cafeterias

The National School Lunch Program serves over 30 million children daily and is the cornerstone of the school food environment. In 2010, the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was implemented to update nutrition standards for school meals, and it also required updated nutrition standards for foods sold outside of the school meal program. This study aimed to compare federally reimbursable school meals served when competitive foods are not available and when marketing and nudging strategies are used to promote the school meal program.  

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Family Weight Teasing, LGBTQ Attitudes, and Well-Being Among LGBTQ Adolescents 

LGBTQ adolescents face numerous health disparities in contrast to their heterosexual counterparts, including emotional distress, substance use, high-risk sexual behavior, and poor weight-related health. Using data from the LGBTQ National Teen Survey, this study explored weight-based victimization by family members and how these experiences are associated with family connectedness, health, self-esteem, and depressive symptoms among LGBTQ adolescents.  

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Rudd Center In The News

Half of US Adults Will be Obese in 10 Years
Featured: Marlene Schwartz, Director

Nearly All US Kids Eating Added Sugars Before Age 2
Featured: Marlene Schwartz, Director

America's Obesity Epidemic, Especially Among Women, Expected to Get Worse
Featured: Marlene Schwartz, Director

How Health at Every Size is Trying to Change the Way We Think About Weight and Wellness
Featured: UConn Rudd Center

Fresh From the Oven

Sugary Drink FACTS

Using new data from the 2019 Children's Drink FACTS Report, we are excited to share our updated Sugary Drink FACTS website. 

Explore this website to learn all about children’s drinks - including sweetened fruit drinks and waters and unsweetened 100% juice - and other sugary drinks, such as soda, sports drinks, iced teas, and energy drinks. We have also included a comprehensive analysis of the ingredients in these products and how they are marketed, including on-package claims and advertising. 

To view the website, click here

What's Simmering With Our Friends?

ChangeLab Solutions

To help city and regional planners across the country advance health equity, ChangeLab Solutions has created Long-Range Planning for Health, Equity & Prosperity: A Primer for Local Governments. This primer poses a series of questions in order to provoke thoughts on how planners can prioritize health and equity in their work. 

The strategies and tools presented in this resource can help undo harmful planning choices from the past and replace them with plans that prioritize health and equity. Planners, local leaders, advocates, researchers, and consultants can use the Primer to create a healthier built environment that serves all community members. 

Download and read this guide from ChangeLab Solutions. 

Healthy Competition

Feeding Hartford Awards 2020 

Every year, the Hartford Advisory Commission on Food Policy presents awards to community members and organizations who are feeding Hartford. The purpose of these awards is to celebrate people and organizations throughout Hartford who are helping end hunger, teaching about growing and eating food, growing more food in Hartford, employing people in good food jobs, and making sure all of us get the food we want and need.

To submit a nomination, please complete this form.

News To Chew On

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How Online Grocery Delivery Could Help Alleviate Food Deserts
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Sugar Taxes: The Global Picture
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Teaching Teens to See Eating as Part of the Natural World

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Looking Back on a Decade of Food Reporting

'Food Pharmacies' in Clinics: When the Diagnosis is Chronic Hunger

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Food Labeling Must be Stepped up to Stem Rising Tide of Diet-Related Diseases