August 2020 Newsletter

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Recent Publications

Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP): Changes to Inventory in Six Food Pantries Over One Year

Food insecurity is associated with poor diet and increased risk of diet-related chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension. As a result, there has been increased attention toward improving the nutritional quality of food in the food banking system. To help shoppers identify healthy options, the Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) system ranks, labels, and organizes food pantry items according to whether they should be consumed often (green), sometimes (yellow), or rarely (red).
This study assessed the nutritional quality of inventory available at six food pantries before and after implementing SWAP and found that one year post-intervention, there was a significant increase in the amount of green foods in all categories. These findings support continued changes to promote healthy food access to those experiencing food insecurity.

Read the full article here

Rudd Center In The News

Another Misguided 'War' on Obesity
Featured: Rebecca Puhl, Deputy Director

Fast Food Makes an Unhealthy Comeback Among Kids
Featured: Frances Fleming-Milici, Director of Marketing Initiatives

Kids in the U.S. are Eating More Fast Food, the CDC Reports
Featured: Frances Fleming-Milici, Director of Marketing Initiatives

Childhood Nutrition Experts Demand FDA Regulation of Toddler Milk Labeling
Featured: UConn Rudd Center

Transforming Our Food Culture - A Matter of Life and Death
Featured: UConn Rudd Center

How a Libertarian is Tackling Obesity and Why Big Food Should Worry
Featured: UConn Rudd Center

What's Simmering With Our Friends?

Healthy Default Beverage Policy Brief
Healthy Eating Research

“Healthy default beverage” policies aim to limit kids’ sugary drink consumption by requiring restaurants to offer only healthier drinks, such as water, milk, and unsweetened juice, as the default drink with kids’ meals. This brief evaluates the implementation and restaurant manager perceptions of this policy approach in California and Wilmington, Delaware, where such policies took effect last year. It also includes future research needs and new questions that have emerged in the era of COVID-19.

Read the brief here. 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The US COVID Atlas is a visualization tool created by a University of Chicago research coalition in partnership with the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps that allows users to compare county-level COVID-19 data, see how the virus has spread in communities over time, and explore key rankings measures that provide important context about community conditions. To learn more about the Atlas:

To view the Atlas tool, click here

Policy Campaign Grant
Voices for Healthy Kids

Is your organization working on or ready to lead policy change efforts? Consider applying for a grant from Voices for Healthy Kids. The Policy Campaign Grant is designed to support strategic issue advocacy campaigns supporting Voices for Healthy Kids policy priorities with a focus on health equity. Applications must be specific to an individual campaign for public policy change in one state, city, town or county, or tribal nation. Applications should focus on public policy changes to reduce health disparities for children in urban, suburban or rural settings who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, and Alaskan Native or from families who have low income.

For more information, click here

Fresh From the Oven: CBS News Documentary

The body positivity movement was created to offer an inclusive community for those of all sizes. But some argue that it celebrates being overweight at the expense of tackling American’s rising obesity epidemic. A new CBSN Originals documentary explores the attitudes surrounding weight in America and features those trying to change the narrative and challenge stereotypes, including Rudd Center Deputy Director, Rebecca Puhl. In the documentary, Dr. Puhl highlights the issues of weight stigma and body shaming and calls for the need to have respectful conversations about weight.

Watch Speaking Frankly: Fat Shaming.

News to Chew On

US News & World Report
Pandemic Fat-Phobia Does Not Support Public Health

The Hill
Congress is on Recess While Students Struggle with Food Security

Washington Post
Mexico Moves to Ban Junk Food Sales to Children, Citing Obesity as Coronavirus Risk Factor
The Conversation
Obesity Strategy: Policies Placing Responsibility on Individuals Don’t Work – So Why Does the Government Keep Using Them?
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And Now for Some Good News: 20 Inspiring Food and Agriculture Stories

Food Dive
Lawsuit Challenges California’s Ban on Soda Taxes

Opinion: The US Food System is Killing Americans