August 2019 Newsletter

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Back to School: Tools and Resources

USDA Team Nutrition

It's back to school season! Team Nutrition is an initiative of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service to support Child Nutrition Programs. They have created a variety of back to school resources to help schools, teachers, school nutrition professionals, students, and families to start the new academic year. Click here for more. 

WellSAT 3.0

The Rudd Center has worked in collaboration with the Institute for Healthy Research and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago to create an updated version of the Wellness School Assessment Tool, otherwise known as the WellSAT 3.0, released in November of 2018. By completing this online tool, WellSAT users will be able to assess the quality of their wellness policies based on new regulations, and they will be provided with resources and guidelines for making improvements based on their assessment. 

Local wellness policies are an important tool for parents, local educational agencies, and school districts in promoting student wellness, preventing and reducing childhood obesity, and providing assurance that school meal nutrition guidelines meet the minimum federal requirements. 

Access the WellSAT website here

Rudd Center In The News

Praise, Don't Tease, and Other Tips to Help Kids With Their Weight
Featured: Marlene Schwartz, Director

Fast Food is Very Political
Featured: Kristen Cooksey-Stowers, Former Postdoctoral Fellow and Current Faculty at UConn

Overcoming Weight Hate
Featured: Rebecca Puhl, Deputy Director

Obesity Discrimination is Now Unlawful in Washington, Could Others Follow?
Featured: Rebecca Puhl, Deputy Director

Men Who Experience Weight Stigma Are at Risk for Dangerous Consequences
Featured: Mary Himmelstein, Former Postdoctoral Fellow and Current Faculty at Kent State University

Sen. Blumenthal Calls for Food Companies to End Junk Food Marketing to Kids
Featured: Jennifer Harris, Director of Marketing Initiatives

What's Simmering With Our Friends? 

Connecticut Children's Medical Center

The Kohl's Start Childhood Off Right (SCOR) Program is creating a comprehensive system that supports families in Hartford, CT in achieving healthy growth for their children through partnerships with pediatric providers and community organizations. The SCOR program is seeking a Program Manager to lead the implementation and evaluation of community-based programming. This role has elements of community health education, community organizing, and program development. 

To read the full description, click here

National Obesity Care Week 2019

National Obesity Care Week (NOCW) is a national awareness campaign for access to comprehensive care for anyone affected by obesity. Today, more than 93 million adult Americans are living with obesity. Now, more than ever, people affected by obesity or those who care, as well as healthcare professionals and policy makers, must pledge their support for access to care without barriers. Visit to pledge your support. 

Rudd Center Recent Publications

The Psychology of Food Marketing and Overeating

Integrating recent research and existing knowledge on food marketing and its effects on the eating behavior of children, adolescents, and adults, this timely collection explores how food promotion techniques can be used to promote healthier foods. With research conducted by scholars from across the world, including Dr. Jennifer Harris and Dr. Frances Fleming-Milici from the Rudd Center, the book examines the important factors and psychological processes that explain the effects of food marketing in a range of contexts.

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Join the Bunch: We're Hiring!

The Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position whose research strengthens or complements our key research areas, including, but not limited to, public health nutrition, federal food programs, public policy, health equity, community-engaged research, food marketing/advertising, and communications. The interdisciplinary nature of the Rudd Center is supported by having core faculty members from different academic departments, and we invite candidates from a broad range of academic disciplines and research areas to apply. 

To read the full job description and steps to apply, click here

News To Chew On

Big Soda's Big Comeback

Chicago Sun-Times
College Students Expect Lots of Healthy Options When Eating on Campus
Supermarkets Near Home, Fast-Food Along Commute Tied to Obesity
Washington Post
Can Juice be Part of a Healthy Diet? Maybe, but it's Better to Eat Whole Product Instead

NBC News
Opinion: When Doctors Fat Shame Their Patients, Everybody Loses

Seattle Times
The Sugary-Drink Tax is Working in Seattle, but Will it Curb Soda Sales?

Kaiser Health News
Obesity Plagues Hispanics and Blacks in Colorado, Nation's 'Healthiest' State